Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Inspections

If a person is interested in purchasing an RV or Travel Trailer, we will inspect their prospective purchases from top to bottom, and prepare a report with our recomendations and comments which will enable the purchaser to make an informed decision. For a relatively small expendeture, we can save the customer money and futher headaches, while providing them with the necessary information to make an informed decision. This will also provide the purchaser with a powerful bargaining tool should they decide to pursue negotiation. 

We also provide post-purchase inspections for anyone who already owns an RV or travel trailer so that they can have an accurate diagnosis of the vehicle in order to make informed decision on maintenance and repair.

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Our on site service charges are $220 for the trip charge ,this includes the first hour of diagnosis. $125 per hour there after. Most calls are wrapped up within 2 hours depending on the problem. While most of the dealerships are over $125 hr and take over 30 days to get you in, we are usually at your site within 24 hrs at a lower cost. Why drop it off at a dealer and wait for a month when we can have you going in a reasonable time. 

On-Site Service Call

 Mobile Inspections                                                                        Ed's Mobile RV Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CALL OR TEXT TODAY FOR PRICING AND SERVICE (574-349-1988)

Service Call rates $95.00 and up depending on your location: Mobile RV Service service all of East Texas.

Service Call $95.00 and up depending on location